483363_477866212224642_105834421_nColgate Smilez is a well rounded entertainer with a smile and a personality that truly captivates audiences. In her early childhood, Colgate was raised in Bainbridge, Georgia by her grandmother who knew something was different about her. As Colgate grew up, she began entertaining people with her singing and dancing. As Colgate moved from city to city and state to state, she developed her musical talents by joining the chorus at school and excelling in state wide competitions. While in high school, Colgate focused her attention on gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading, setting new records and trends. In 2010, after serving 8 years in the Army as a paralegal, Colgate decided it was time to pursue a new career. It was in August 2011, Colgate realized entertaining people was her greatest passion and since then she has been unstoppable! Using her talents as an actress, singer/songwriter, comedian, dancer, and model, Colgate spreads smiles to everyone she meets. “If I can’t have fun for a living, then what’s the point of living?”